One way to spend $50.55.

It’s a gorgeous sunny 77 degree Nor Cal Saturday! I woke up feeling great, added some coffee to the mix and felt so grateful for the weekend. While prepping white bean and fennel chicken soup in the Crock Pot for dinner I was mentally writing my to do list:

1) Halloween costume details

2) Car freshener, body wash, candles?

My two main men had plans together, so I hit the streets at around 10:00. I was armed with some coupons that were about to expire from Ulta and Bath and Body Works.

At work we’re doing a themed dress up day for Halloween – “Career Day”. How funny. I prefer freedom in deciding, but an idea was birthed for our unit’s neck of the woods to dress as hair dressers, which I do find some freedom in because it can be done up in a lot of ways (Jerseylicious, Uptown, West Coast, $5 Cuts…see, lots of options!). I used velcro rollers near daily, but I needed more to do ALL of my head of hair for 10/31, instead of just doing 6 at the crown.  I grabbed two packages of Hot Tools 1 1/2 inch rollers, and one package of 1 3/4. I also wanted to get some nail strips to add a little hair dresser shazam to my nails. Mission accomplished! Two O.P.I Pure Lacquer nail apps on clearance for 5.99. – one in Reptile, and the other in Zig Zag Sparkle. I’ll couldn’t decide, so I got them both.

The customer service at Ulta has been quite dreadful the last ten times I’ve went in, and for that reason I felt no shame asking the rude chick at the counter to ring me up in two transactions so I could use two coupons. I also cashed in some points for another $3 off, and got exactly what I wanted for $13.12! Check this out:

HOT TOOLS velcro rollers and O.P.I Pure Lacquer nail apps

Reptile to the left and Zig Zag Sparkle to the right.

I walked on over to Bath & Body Works, flew past all the god awful Christmas smells that I’m not ready for, and walked right to my favorite True Blue Spa Line.  I see a 50% off rack. What?! The Malibu Waves Spray for Hair is on clearance? I love this stuff and I just paid $12.50 a month ago. Most all my loves have an option on the clearance shelf. I didn’t mean to, but I thought of Christmas and knew I must act on this crazy sale! Have you ever used the True Blue Spa line? The manicure stuff is awesome. I found a gift set on clearance which included the Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion, 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub, nail file, awesome cuticle stick, and a scrubby brush for $12.50. The 60 second manicure hand scrub smells soooo good, and the sugar really gives a soft, relaxing mini-mani during the busy week. I grabbed the only two sets on the shelf and one will go to my mother in law, the other to my girlfriend for – you guessed it – Christmas. Perfect! I came in for car fresheners and there are a ton for 50% off. I grab 4 apple crumble refills, and two holders (a skunk for me, and a monkey one for my husband), Warm Vanilla Sugar creamy body wash, and three mini-candles and I’m ready to ring up. I have a few coupons and they are fine w/ you stacking them at Bath & Body Works. Grand total? $37.43 … candles, body wash, wave spray for me + 2 (partial) gifts for December! Whoot whoot!

Malibu Waves Spray, Warm Vanilla Sugar, TWO SETS of True Blue Spa Manicure stuff, 3 mini candles, two Slatkin & Co fragrance holders, and four Slatkin & Co Apple Crumble fragrance refills!

One of the two True Blue Spa Mani sets I picked up (minus the bag it came in + the Malibu Waves Spray which was NOT included in the set)

My little skunk smells like apple crumble…

My apple is eating my Apple Crumble … plus Cinnamon Nut Bread and Cinnamon Sugared Donut.

Have a great weekend. GET YOUR SHOP ON!

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