Remember September? Catch-Up Time!

It’s been so long … I’m feeling shy. Let’s just jump right in- it’s time to catch-up.

In my family of three we each get to celebrate our birthday for the whole month. I was the chick you saw wearing the crowned jewels the whole month of September. I milked it to death! One weekend we got up super early and went to Jack’s Restaurant & Bar in Pleasant Hill, Ca.

Jack ... we need you!

Jack’s … best breakfast EVER.

Monterey Omelet + sidekicks

Love these two cuties.

Cool farmer’s market right outside Jack’s. Polish garlic posed for this shot.

Another weekend we became membership-card toting members to the San Francisco Science Academy. They even have slumber parties! Can you imagine how great that would be?

The Philippine Coral Reef is 25 feet and holds 212,000 gallons of water!

Tiny red frogs in the The (four-story) Rainforest!

Representing Nor Cal …. so pretty!

Albino gator in all his Swamp Life glory.

You’re looking up at this as if your on the floor of the Amazon while it’s flooded. It’s an acrylic tunnel that allows you to walk beneath the catfish and arapaima that swim overhead.

During the month of September, we also attended the birthday party of a special lady. Check out the inspiring set-up! I wanted to leave as soon as I got there to start decorating my house. Ideas, ideas!

She comes from a family of antique collectors. I love this set-up. You walked right out to the back yard and were sucked in to all this simple beauty.

The only good use of candy corn as far as I’m concerned!

What a fun walk down the recent memory lane. I am appalled that retail is telling us fall is over! That implies the fat man in the red suit is on his way and I’m rejecting that thought.

Spooky mantle decor!

We aren’t very happy about being boxed up soon!

This mug needs a display case all year long. Maybe I can just add a red Santa hat?

I hope everyone has been doing great … I’ve love to hear what you’ve been up to and what your costume ideas are for 10/31! Be in touch.

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