JULY Julep Maven + Birchbox Man + other mail love!

I must say my walk back from the mailbox was more like a sprint! It’s been nice to receive my Julep Maven monthly box on the same day my husband’s Birchbox Man arrives. For the last 3 months it’s happened!

Getting right down to business, here’s what was in my IT GIRL Julep Maven box for July. Again, ladies it’s 19.99 a month. Best money spent – EVER! I’ve never skipped, switched my box, or sent it to a friend – but isn’t it cool to have those options?! You take a quiz and I swear they get your taste DIALED IN!

The package is on point as usual. There’s always a few pieces of candy. Fire balls this month!

IT GIRL nail ideas.

The announcement of a 4th FREE BONUS nail polish in “America” for the 4th. I got an email saying Julep Maven will be on QVC soon launching “America”…we got it first!

KATE, MILA, DAPHNE and the bonus, AMERICA!

Pinky to Pointer finger order: KATE w/ America on tip; MILA solo; DAPHNE w/ Mila on tip; AMERICA solo. These quick swatches were done with just one coat. I’m gonna love my self-mani this week!  I’ll be committed to Kate w/ America on the tips until the 4th of July is over. Then I’ll move on to Daphne and Mila. The colors all mix well and I even like how Mila looks solo.


This is what Birchbox Man has going on for July:

A note to the Birchbox Gentleman.

It’s getting interesting ….

This is a nice concept. Once the unwrapping was done, the $10 Quirky Cordies was still in it’s box. My husband sweetly told me I could have it for work. HAHAHAHA! Code for Mr. Clean doesn’t need this and get it the heck out of the house!

But Mr. Clean DID bust a move on the Quirky Wrapster! Look at that!

Mr. Tidy put his headphones on his Quirky Wrapster!

I did like seeing the Supersmile Whitening System in .21 oz samples of both the Accelerator and Toothpaste. A sucker for toothpaste, I never have less than four tubes open at a time. I hope he shares a round of this with me!

Two .1 oz samples of Benta Berry Super Moisturizing Face Cream with matte, non-greasy promises.  He put it on after the shower and thought it felt good on his face. Perfect timing because he got a bit too much sun today. I did a test on the top of my hand and the texture feels good. If all natural creme gets you out of bed, you may want to check this stuff out. It’s very moisturizing.

June Jacobs For Men 3 in 1 Cleanser in a deluxe 1.6 oz sample size. My husband ALWAYS smells good. He’ll use this, but $30 on a body, face, hair wash wouldn’t happen. For one, he doesn’t even have hair! Now if it were shave cream….

This is a good travel size for the next trip.

JULY Julep Maven (It Girl) and Birchbox Man

As if the mail wasn’t already great, I get this little love letter today from the sweetest friend ever. She’s the cancer to my libra. <gush> When I was in 9th grade I had crazy mud-mouth lipstick and lots of black eye liner. One the first day of school she was scared to sit next to me in Spanish class, but the desk next to me was the only one left. Her – with her blonde hair and mud-mouth,  and me with my dark hair and mud-mouth, were quickly fond of each other. Best desk she could have ever dropped her scared ass in! We never shut our mud-mouths in class (Señoritas, cállate! Mr. Guttierez used to scream). Our mud-mouths are gloss-mouths these days, but we still don’t cállate!

To top it all of, a FAB card from a FAB girlfriend.

Happy last day of June. Wishing you lots of pretty, polish, friendship and fireworks of all kinds this July!

2 comments on “JULY Julep Maven + Birchbox Man + other mail love!

  1. Diary Of A Phat Kat
    June 30, 2012

    I am Boho Glam but opted for It Girl this month and I can’t wait. Love the colours. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. suburban eye feast
    June 30, 2012

    I thought if I did change this month I would have tried Bombshell! I loved the Chelsea color. The gloss instead of a polish is what always makes me stick to the old faithful IT GIRL! The gloss swatches on line were too sheer looking for me – that made it easier to not stray. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY MS. KAT!

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