Office Survival Kit – it’s a jungle out there.

Do you have a “rush” pack at home? You know, an emergency bag in the event something happens, you can grab the bag and go? We do. Well …. they do! My husband and son have their packs filled with matches, water purification tablets, flashlights, plastic bags, dryer lint (fire starter), plastic ponchos, and various other lightweight, emergency type items.

While I appreciate all of the advanced planning, I’m far better at planning my own version of “rush pack” – for work. You know, an emergency bag in the event I look down at my legs in a skirt and realize I overlooked a leg-stubble area? Yes, my office survival kit has a razor in the event of this true 911, code red. I also couldn’t survive in my jungle without:

Hand Cream – Hellllo! Totally necessary for overwashed hands or a previously not-noticed ashy ankle. In a pinch it’s a good frizzy-hair buster, too!

Avon Foot Works Refreshing Spray in Sugar Lime Mojito (thirsty now?!!) – Walking downtown during lunch or for various work errands can really take a toll on the hoofs. A quick spritz of this invigorating spray and the feet are quickly cooled off and rejuvenated.

Safety pins in all sizes – Lost a button? Check! Hem fall out? Check again! Safety pins are saviors for a zillion different day ruiners. Have you ever lamely had to STAPLE a hem. Oh, you haven’t? Oh, um, yea, me neither. I was just askin’…..My favorite safety pin save is from the shirt that turned into a peek-a-boob top at some point after you walked in your office door. Whoopsie!

Nail polish remover wipes – I don’t know about you but I HATE chipped nail polish. It literally makes me feel dirty, and like I pay no attention to detail. I have been sanity-saved many times over by a quick polish removing trip to the restroom.

Tampax – for obvious reasons. My girl has horrible timing. Also, you can quickly become the office hero by being the person that says, “Yes! I do have an extra!”

Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash –  Black beans from your salad stuck in your teeth, no gum and a meeting with the honchos? Story of my life! It’s so easy to remedy these problems with my properly packed kit. And *ting*, your teeth look so lovely when they sparkle! And don’t you feel more awake now, too?

Urban Decay eye shadow in Blunt – need an extra swipe after your rushed morning? Allergies got your eyes a watering mess for the first two hours of the day? That’s why you need this golden-bronze neutral on hand. Fix those ojos!

Travel size makeup brush kit – seriously, how did I get out of the house without remembering to smudge my liner or dust my face with powder? No one will ever know….

Hairspray – for obvious hair fixes and also very handy for static in your dress or shirt. Spray the static area and kiss the static (and wedgie) goodbye.

Vitamin C drops (Halls Defense) – there is always someone sick in our office! I pop one immediately after I’ve been coughed or sneezed on by an Infected, and the placebo effects are immediate!  The devil on my shoulder chanting “You’re next little girl” gets dropped kicked with a quickness! Plus they are so tasty that they serve dual purpose as an afternoon sweet-treat pick me up.

Deodorant – My morning routine is solid, but deodorant is one thing that’s easy for me to forget before I leave the house. I now worry less about remembering since I’ve stashed a bottle in my kit.

Office Space Cd –  Truly, I do love what I do, but I’m not Pollyanna! Nothing makes me happier that a low-volumed spin of the *censored* Office Space CD. When listening to the exaggerated lyrics of “Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee” or “Get Off My Elevator”, I am forced to giggle and kick my gloom to the curb.

A true survival bag should also include some inspiration to get you through a rough day. If you were say, lost in the wilderness, this would be called your “comfort item” to help get you through a rough moment, or to relieve stress and help you find your hope again. Inspirational notes I keep are simply on Posts Its with messages like “CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS”, or “YOU CAN’T CHANGE HOW PEOPLE ACT BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR REACTION TO THEM”. It reminds me that I’m happy, employed with a great job, and also allows me to zoom out of my tunnel vision of irritation and recognize the moment for what it really is – a moment. I keep a few sweet pictures of my main men, and a map of the island of Kauai! Another giggle assurance is Alice in Wonderland’s I don’t want to go among the mad people quote.

Based on this post, what kind of day do you assume I had today? 🙂  Yup, champagne problems for sure. How do you “survive” your work day? Do you have a stash of sorts, or do you just rough it in your jungle? Tell me stories, people!


Terrible picture of a few quotes I keep on hand!

Gloss always makes it better.

5 comments on “Office Survival Kit – it’s a jungle out there.

  1. aquariumstarter
    June 24, 2012

    Hello! I’ve been really enjoying your blog so hope you will accept an award!

    • suburban eye feast
      June 30, 2012

      WOW! That’s so nice of you. Thanks for thinking of me and reading my posts. Truly appreciate the nod.

  2. Annette
    June 25, 2012

    I do not have a survival kit, but now I am thinking I need one!

  3. josephinamontoya
    July 26, 2012

    I LOVE this idea! I need a survival kit now. Once for my office, car and house! I like that your husband and son are so ready in case of an emergency! I will get on this now.

    • suburban eye feast
      July 30, 2012

      Let me know what you put in yours! I love survival swap ideas … in both the emergency and vanity pouches! 🙂

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