Are you a safe family?

I usually go along for the ride with my husband regarding all things safety or prevention, but likely wouldn’t pursue the prevention to the extent he does if I were on my own. Today is his birthday. When you have a June birthday and you’re a father you get to join birthday forces with Father’s Day. This is why we ended up at our local safe company this weekend. While my husband and the awesome sales lady and owner were talking shop, I wandered around the store and was amazed. What an eye feast for me to embark upon the Browning Prestige in desert sand lined with simulated leather and interior lighting- promises 1200 degrees for 100 minutes! This beauty made me want to stash my things … nail polish, shadows, jewels – hhaahaha! But that’s another story.

On my lap around the store I noticed the HUGE safe that had a peculiar “finish”. I assumed it was something custom because of the “finish” and the “sold” sign on the safe. People do all sorts of stuff to personalize their things, and I needed to know the story of this one! I found the sales lady and my husband and said, “Can I ask you about this particular safe? Why is the finish so distressed?” Again, I’m thinking someone bought it, and why would they chose to paint it like this?! Keep in mind the safe was in the mix with all the other safes.

She then went on to explain that the safe had actually been in the house fire of a two-story. The fire started when the family was at home, and luckily everyone made it out. The massive safe 1000 lb+ safe was on the second floor and it FELL THROUGH the ceiling as the structure was compromised with the fire. As part of the owner’s warranty, the safe company picked up the safe and delivered it back to their store. When they opened the safe and got inside all the contents were PERFECT and NOT ONE THING WAS BROKEN! The fire started about 10:30 p.m. and didn’t get put out fully until afternoon the next day. What an amazing, real life story to hear and see. Of course it was PERFECT for my husband to see my eyes big and childlike … it certainly helped his cause! 🙂 Anyway, the store replaced the owner’s safe and then sold the old, “fire finish” safe to someone after replacing the key pad. I asked why someone would want to buy it and she said it was because they could get it for cheap and just refinish it themselves. I love learning new things like this! I also have a new found appreciation for the extra protection.

SO…of course I took pictures, y’all!! Check out the fire survivor “finish”!! I also took a few other pictures of things that caught my eye, but wish I would had taken even more (like a picture of the Browing in the finish that I liked would have been nice! It literally was a sort of champagne-copper color with a glossy finish and metallic flecks). I even got to meet the shop’s 10 month old German Shepard “guard pup”, Buddy! He was SUCH a love! I didn’t even mind that his teeth bit and scratched new bracelet!

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2 comments on “Are you a safe family?

  1. fruitaliniyogi
    June 11, 2012

    So he wanted a safe for his birthday? I’ve honestly never thought one bit about safes, but I’m so glad you asked and shared the story of this one. That’s a cute doggie!

    • suburban eye feast
      June 12, 2012

      He wanted me to want him to have a safe for his bday! 🙂 “One for each floor”…OMG!!!!!!

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