JUNE Julep Maven {Avon, OPI + other polish obsessions}

It’s always a great day when I receive my Julep box in the mail, and June was no obsession. Still going strong wit the “It Girl” theme, with no desire to swap and try anything else! Although I speak primarily Juelp in my posts, I have tons of polishes that I wear and many formulas that I love. My favorite formulas are Julep, OPI, and Avon! All last fairly long (with the appropriate base and top coat). Sometimes my nails get ridges in them and I use a ridge filler from Sally Beauty to smooth the nails before adding color.

Here’s the It Girl box for the month of June that’s 19.99 a month:

Sandra, Morgan, Sasha, lip balm (L to R)

SANDRA – friendly frosted magenta  ($14)

SASHA – fresh cantaloupe melon creme ($14)

MORGAN – frosty grape purple  ($14)

DEFENSE SPF 15 – lip balm  ($6)

Quick (and totally flawed!) finger swatch!

My polishes are pretty organized, but this last box made me need to rethink my existing set up.

Julep polishes

Avon polishes

Create Nail Envy!  .99 SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER right now and the polishes are on sale for 3.49!! With a new & improved formula, 45 new shades and 4 new finishes to play with, Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is your pretty little secret to summer’s hottest nails.

OPI polishes

I had this acrylic container in a spare room that I use for demonstrating items when I host Avon parties. I decided to try and use it for the new polish stash. I love how it all came out! Acrylic in clear is my favorite for organizing in general. I like to see what I have and with polishes, that’s important.

Easy, breezy manicure station! I set up shop in my spare room. It works great for me to be able to self-mani in my spare room with everything at my fingertips.


How do your organize your polishes? Do you have favorite brands? I try and stick to just a few because it’s safer that way! I don’t need to fall in love with another brand! Besides, Julep, OPI and Avon are on top of their marketing and  color trend game as far as new colors are concerned – I can’t really go wrong with sticking with those three!


One comment on “JUNE Julep Maven {Avon, OPI + other polish obsessions}

  1. Great post! My bestfriend was/is always my go to for nail polishes (she’s a nail tech now but I’ve been her guinea pig since we were teenagers lol), but I’ve recently made a commitment to doing my own fingernails on a regular basis. I’ve always been an OPI girl…I own quite a few bottles but they were collecting dust because my bff was doing my pedicures and I pretty much wore my fingernails bare. My new love is Butter London polishes. They are pricey ($14 regular price versus being able to get OPI for about $8 or less…that might be sale pricing though lol), but I love them. I have a few other brands sprinkled in my collection but OPI and Butter London are my top picks for now.

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