APRIL Birchbox MAN first monthly launch {put a cherry on it!}

When I first started reading the Birchbox man launch was coming I couldn’t wait to surprise my husband! I heard about it back in November when they did a Birch-Man on steroids for around $50. April marks the first annual monthly man and I was able to make it to the club for numero uno!

Birchbox Man is $20 per month box that was said to be filled with grooming accessories, lifestyle products and tech toys. The boxes are double the price of the Birchbox for women packages as they promised to include full-size products and more expensive categories. At launch, Birchbox has partnered with established brands including Billy Jealousy, Costume National, Kérastase and Kiehl’s. I filled out the survey for my husband and have been waiting patiently for his surprise to be delivered!

I went to get the mail today and THERE IT WAS! A blue Birch! My son was in on the surprise (he amused me and was also curious about the contents). As I was walking back to the house I started to get nervous! I have a manly man, not a metro man. What if there’s black nail polish and weird man eyebrow gel or something?! I got his attention while he was on the ladder and flashed him the box.

He says: you got another box?

Me: Yes! But it’s blue.

Him: What does that mean?

Me: It’s for you!!!!

He looks puzzled, finishes the last leg of gutter cleaning and comes down all muddy. Perfect, I’m thinking. He’s going to go take a shower and he’ll surely be able to use something from this box soon! He follows me in the back yard, I grab the scissors and the camera on the way and this is what went down today.

I loved that everything inside was familiar. My husband is fairly product adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new shave gels and body washes. The contents were:

Kiehl’s | Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap: rugged bar soap with oat bran and pumice for sloughing away dry skin. {good size sample} $13 full size —-He used it in the shower while I was typing this and said, “It feels like a sponge sander…You know the sponges that you wrap sand paper around?” All I have to say is I’m glad all that roughness wasn’t in the Birch-Gal! Sandpaper?!!! Thanks for the warning (I usually sneak try his products, this was a BE GENTLE warning!)

Billy Jealousy | Liquid Sand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser: hybrid scrub cleanser that removes dead skin cells. {generous sample size} $24 full size —- He used it while I was typing this and said “I used it on my head and it felt really good – like a salt scrub” (hence the name….)

ZIRH | Shave gel: translucent gel that spreads evenly for smooth shave {tiny sample} $15 full size

Richer Poorer | Socks: a departure from boring browns and grays. “Cuff jeans and flash an ankle” — there’s even a card included called MAN UP with 3 steps for achieving the perfect pant cuff. (WHAT THA….??! Truly LOL) $12 retail. So I guess the full size product was the socks!! A sample would have just been one sock or a swatch of fabric, right? 🙂

When he opened the box it smelled really good! Always excited to see a Kiehl’s product and soaps are always high on the experiment list! The Billy Jelousy had a neat texture, and he uses the Zihr, so that’ll be good for travel. The socks?! Well, that was just funny. I tried to give them to my son and he, in all his 11 year old sass, said NO THANKS. Husband just accepted an AWESOME new job offer last week. He joked he’ll wear them on his first day. I think he should (minus a cuff in his pants).

I thought the first box would knock my socks off, pun intended.  Ladies and gents, what the heck do you think? Did you already subscribe or are you on the waiting list? If not, will you?? Honestly, I’ll likely do it for another month or two just to see how the program progresses, and what new partners may get established. I had to indicate the type of phone he has (Smart, android, etc.), what size (M,L,XL) when I completed the survey … I wonder what those questions could lead to in future boxes???


2 comments on “APRIL Birchbox MAN first monthly launch {put a cherry on it!}

  1. shandimessmer
    April 28, 2012

    I so want to get this for my boyfriend, but he might kill me. He pretty much just uses whatever I buy for him or have in the shower for the both of us. I bought him a Billy Jealousy body scrub and he hated it. . . I was like, it’s just shower gel and he said he liked my Bath and Body Works ones better:)

    • suburban eye feast
      April 28, 2012

      I thought I was going to get killed also! I, too, do the purchasing. We are stocked up with Bath & Body Works shower gels, for sure (right now it’s Forever Sunshine in the shower)! The Billy Jealousy is different than the gels b/c it’s a scrub and that’s important to use a few times a week! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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