Accordian Pinwheel {The I did it happy post!}

In honor of my lovely MILs 65th birthday, my husband and I had the family over for a “surprise” dinner this past Saturday. MIL has two sons and two brothers… and now she has her little bouncing baby girl – ME! 🙂  Because she’s grown up with boys and raised boys, and now has a grandson, good girly stuff is a rarity {girly as in girly gifts, conversation, lunches}. For the party I wanted to have laid back vibe, yummy food, margaritas and some decorative touches that I thought she could appreciate. I’ve had my eyes on the accordian pinwheel/flowers that elementary school and Martha made famous for some time now (didn’t happen in December like I’d hoped). I love paper crafts, texture, color … pinwheels are all of that! One WP night last week I was browsing and came across a blog I’m now following… she had her version of accordian pinwheels posted that she’d done for a baby shower. I sent her a message and she was kind enough to offer tips. THANK YOU! It gave me the kick I needed to feel like I, too, could do this {and finish}.

I’m a total improv crafter…..  When my accordian middle was uneven I decided to stick a brad in the middle to take the focus of the flaw – it made it look like a flower! When I forgot to cut the paper edges round before gluing, I went with it. When the backs of my flowers were not perfectly even (so therefore didn’t lay flat), I hole punched and added a ribbon. I used paper I had available and didn’t buy anything. Here’s what I came up with on my imperfect journey:

I had all these little cuties laid around the counter in my butler area off the kitchen where all the mexican fixins’ were waiting to be eaten. They added lots of color and interest and looked so sweet. My coworker said they reminded her of the world fair and I thought that was a good call! I also hung some in my backyard off the awning mixed with some white paper lanterns. It was a really sunny day and it all looked so nice in the breeze!

These little arthritis starters still make me so happy. Finger cramps and glue gun burns were totally worth it. My favorites are the floral design with yellow/red/pink warm tones. I’m now going to affix them sprinkled throughout my picture wall! 🙂

I don’t write DIY posts, I read them, but I’m happy to answer any questions and LA LA LOVE to read your comments.


7 comments on “Accordian Pinwheel {The I did it happy post!}

  1. Elisia
    April 26, 2012

    Looks like the heart that went behind the work made it grand! Love you girl!

  2. suburban eye feast
    April 26, 2012

    Oh boo boo I love you too!!!! 🙂 Thanks for checking in on me.

  3. sarah@antidote_studio
    May 27, 2012

    Way to stick it out, girlfriend, they turned out great! Love the kamikaze attitude! 🙂

  4. suburban eye feast
    May 29, 2012

    HA! Thanks. I don’t think I’ll do it again, but I did it once, darn it! 🙂

  5. fruitaliniyogi
    June 11, 2012

    That is absolutely wonderful, and your crafting style sounds a lot like my own. Sounds like you’d be fun to craft with… stitch n bitch paper…or something. I love paper & fabric art as well. 🙂 I see nothing imperfect! Putting this on my list. My girls will love it!

    • suburban eye feast
      June 12, 2012

      why thank you! honestly I’ve had a sewing maching for over a year … and haven’t turned it on. Sewing needs to be so specific … that’s my hold back! LAME!!!

      • fruitaliniyogi
        June 12, 2012

        That was my hold-back to, but I think you can get into it more spontaneously. It takes some internal reserve. Look at a pattern you’re interested in, take a break and just think about it, when you’re ready just go with it. Don’t be afraid to come up with nothing, go with your own idea and whatever you make find a way to use it, even if it’s completely different than how you wanted it to turn out.

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