New Beauty Test Tube box Q2: Spring 2012

The New Beauty Test Tube TRULY is the ultimate product sampling program. Quarterly you pay $39 and each box comes with a copy of the semi-annual New Beauty Magazine ($10 right there). This box was stuffed with goodness and I expected nothing less.

4 LBS of excitement.

As I poured the contents out I was SO happy! Lots of full sized products in items I’ll really use.


Full sized Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in PLUM set the tone. This is for shadow, liner, or primer. This formula is great. You have 30 seconds to blend and smooth before it sets. (I actually used it this morning — “colored” my lid and then patted Urban Decay’s X over the top leaving the crease darkened with this color. I LOVED IT!) I will be scoping out other colors! $25 retail

YBF and MALLY formulas

Full sized YBF Eye Liner in – again – PLUM noir. The cap has a built in sharpener which is always ideal for streamlining. Promises an easy glide with no tugging…long lasting. The color reminds me SO MUCH of Mac’s Foxy Lady. It’s a sort of red-brown-burgundy type color. The formula is great and I wore it today with the Mally evercolor shadow stick. I blended it with a touch of black liner. Any time you’re messing with a red-brown you’ve got to be careful and light handed  or you’ll risk look like a junkie 🙂 Here’s a few pics of the colors on my hands. Hard to get them to show up on camera, but you can also see the thickness of each pencil. $14.50 retail

Moving on to the stuff that usually scares me …. FACE POTIONS!

Oh no! The Dr. Brandt Skin Cream should be in this line up also.

Neostrata skin active – Cellular Restoration with Apple stem cell extract, peptides and maltobionic acid work to repair the skin’s cells by reducing oxidative damage and restoring collagen. I have been using this on my smile lines for a few days. It feels good. Totally sinks into the skin. Damn smiling! .5 oz is a great sample size and the pump is high quality (I’m a sucker for that). $79 retail

Dr. Brandt signature Flexitone BB Cream in a .25 oz generously sized sample. I’ve used this the last few days and it’s good…I mean I think I may buy a full sized bottle! It’s so absorbent and not greasy. A great tint…totally freshens up the face a little. Seems perfect for this time of year. Bottle says “flaws are corrected, skin is brightened, lines are smoothed”. I AGREE! $39 retail

Skinceuticals C E FERULIC  – prevent, and PHYSICAL FUSION UV DEFENSE – protect (spf 50 with a tint of color) both in sample sizes.  The promise is inside + out unstoppable photoprotection. Have you ever spent a glutenous day in the sun and then felt sick to your stomach once the sun buzz fades because you’ve indulged in vitamin d so carelessly? When that happens I use Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel on my face. I’m hoping the C E Ferulic will make me as happy as the Phyto Corrective Gel does! I love the dropper style application. The  CE is $146 and the spf 50 is $32.

Olay Regenerist wrinkle fighter with advanced micro fillers to smooth skin’s surface immediately … all miracles happen within 14 days. I have not tried this. It’s a good sample size and comes with a $3 off coupon. Retail is $28.


Love this stuff … gotta find the right scent!

Memoire Liquide parfum sample in Soleil Liquide. The description was great — warm sunshine on a dazzling bright summer day .. grapefruit/tangerine/blood orange … I think the neroli flower threw the smell off for me. My skin rejects floral! There’s also some santal and white musk. I wanted to love this … I really did! 😦

Memoire Liquide parfum sample in Amour Liquide. Based on the description I would have bet on not liking this: exhilarating romantic love at once soul soothing and breath taking (whaaa?). BUT then I read ingredients: pure madagascar vanilla, tonka bean and incense. I LOVE THIS SCENT SO MUCH… my skin loves it on me too! $95 retail

Memoire Liquide full sized creme de la creme in Encens Liquide. Full sized! I thought this smelled a touch beachy initially…but my skin brought out the florals..or maybe even a slight hippy note…and I was so bummed! The formula of this cream is a real game changer – totally luxurious after the shower! It’s not too thick even though it’s a cream. The scent however….:( My husband almost kicked me outta bed! Not the smell I was going for!! I will put it out there that plenty of you would like this scent.

Elariia body cream in Wild Orchid. Perfect 1 oz. size for purse or travel. I love the little jar. The scent is light and formula feels refreshing. Retail full size is $24.50 .. enriched with silk protein.

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control full sized bottle anti-frizz/static for all hair types. So happy to see this full size product pump! A nice surprise and a $32 value! I will try this tomorrow after I wash my hair…promises smooth, calm and manageable. SIGN ME UP!

Moroccan Oil Full Size


As mentioned before, the magazine is included. This issue for Spring/Summer 2012 is the ever beautiful Kate B. Love her! There are also three coupons included which they call gift cards. $10 off $60, $25 off $125 and $50 off $200.

I love this quarterly delivery and think you would too! TEN OFF your first Test Tube! It’s usually $29 + shipping and worth every penny. Cancel anytime but try it at least once — you owe it to yourself! Seriously, this tube can expose you to a whole world of New Beauty opportunities.


6 comments on “New Beauty Test Tube box Q2: Spring 2012

  1. Arantha
    April 24, 2012

    I need to sign up for this ASAP!!!!!

    • suburban eye feast
      April 24, 2012

      ASAP is right, sister! DO IT DO IT DO IT …. you can thank me later 🙂

  2. josephinamontoya
    April 24, 2012

    This looks so exciting! I must try this!

    • suburban eye feast
      April 24, 2012

      You SO must try this! A great way to further extend your new makeup collection 🙂

      • josephinamontoya
        April 24, 2012

        I totally just signed up for it! So excited!!!

      • suburban eye feast
        April 25, 2012

        YAY!!! I used the Moroccan hair oil last night and I loved it so much. I like that it’s a spray, not a squirty bottle. Have used the liners EVERY day. Be sure to let me know what your loves are from the box!

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