Julep St. Patrick’s Day Box of Mystery – my little pot of gold!

Have you Julep’d? Each month for $19.99 I get a surprise delivery of newly launched products. The same sneak peek sets sent to the top beauty editors across the country for their consideration and review. Let me start by saying I LOVE THE PROGRAM! Style results from the Julep Maven Style Quiz titled my style as It Girl and that’s how my monthly shipment colors and potions are determined each month (I can change it from month to month, skip it, or send it as a gift to someone else)!  Click here to take quiz!

Julep also offer MYSTERY boxes for 19.99 (with coupon code) that are valued between $60 up to a lucky $200.  This is the first mystery box I ordered and have looked forward to it for almost 2 weeks! It actually came on 3/17!  When I got my package from the mailbox I was certain that I didn’t get the $200 lucky leprechaun because the box was way too light.

ImageNice touch with the chocolate coins! Inside were two separately wrapped packages.


Since the best things are usually in small packages, I started there! I must admit, the nail file was anticlimactic, but I was still hopeful as I opened the appropriately colored green bag.

Here’s what was inside the entire box:


  1. Age Defying Hand Brightener (1 oz)
  2. Glycolic Hand Scrub (1 oz)
  3. Nail polish in GLENN (bold berry, red shimmer)
  4. Nail polish in EMMA (pink shimmer)
  5. Nail polish in SOFIA (sheer spring green/splash of aqua glitter)
  6. Nail polish in CLEAR (base coat)

Don’t forget the 4 chocolate coins and the nail file!

If Emma (pink) wasn’t in the box and I just saw Glenn (red) and Sofia (green) polish I’d think of Christmas, so thank you Emma!  I quickly removed my existing nail polish (which by the way was Melissa from my March It Girl box which was also sent with Charlotte and Jodie. An awesome box!). The hand treatments smell killer and I’ll be sure to use them soon.

Here’s a quick and dirty paint job showing what the colors looked like on me.

The clear on my pinky finger is, well, clear! On ring finger, Emma is a nice and neutral color.   Sofia in all her spring green glory with flecks of glitter glory dries matte. It’s not a color I would wear, but is certainly 3/17  appropriate! Maybe it will be good layered under or over another color. Glenn doesn’t show up perfectly on camera, but it is a nice berry/red color.

Again, the package shows well.

Collectively, the month of March is  lookin’ good and expanded my existing polish collection quite a bit (check out a post from a while back where I photographed my manageable collection).

Check out all the March colors together…oooh la la!


Are you feelin’ the luck o’ the Irish today? You should try a Julep Maven box! My referral link is  If you use coupon code SHAREONMARCH at checkout, you can try over $40 of product for just $4 shipping!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


4 comments on “Julep St. Patrick’s Day Box of Mystery – my little pot of gold!

  1. caateryna
    March 26, 2012

    Ohh nice! Not the super high valued box but nice nonetheless 🙂 I really hope I get Sophia in my box, I want to try layering it over other colous. Let me know how the nail file works for you I bought it months ago and was very displeased 😦 The grit wore right off after 1 use!

  2. Diary Of A Phat Kat
    April 12, 2012

    Omg, I am so excited to get my Spring mystery box. Have you ordered one?

    • suburban eye feast
      April 12, 2012

      Oh! I didn’t see an April mystery box announced in my email! My April box was insane. I loved every bit of it and swear if I sold Julep products I could have sold 20 bottles of NIECY easily in a day or two!! Tell me what you get for your mystery box….post something! 🙂

      • Diary Of A Phat Kat
        April 12, 2012

        I just joined Julep last week so I am waiting for my Boho Glam intro box too. Hope they don’t take forever with my being in Ontario Canada. I will definitely post what I get. I happened to find out about the spring mystery box off a blog I follow.

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