GRAM O RAMA: a celebration of blended grandmas

For the second year, I will be hosting GRAM O RAMA – a luncheon for all the special grandmas in my sons life. “All” you ask? Yes, all. Before I can get into that I have to provide you with some history. Our son, Logan, has multiples of most things – houses, bedrooms, parents and – you guessed it. Grandmas. How did the wretched process of “sharing” a child get to this happy place? Let me tell you.

Even when you’re happy to be breaking up, it sucks royally when a baby is involved. You wanna see the ugliest of all ugly? Observe a mother who has to sleep at night without her baby home.  At that time,  if I had talents like Allie Brosh, I’d have had plenty of material to create art and stories like her  Sneaky Hate Spiral. Mine would have been titled something like Sharing Isn’t Primal Spiral. It was a very dark time in life for me in general. I lost my mom the same day I found out I was pregnant. And then there was the fact that I was pregnant! Unplanned is an understatement!

Fast forward to now (out of the darkness and thrilled with my unplanned gift of child): I am mom of a super cute and funny son, married to an absolute gem of a husband. Our son’s dad is married too! We’re all relatively young and so much life has been lived since the dark years of past that the relationships between everyone actually work at present, without much effort. (Ok, there’s some effort, but not a gansta’ amount of effort like back in the turn of the century days.) Logan truly scored with all his grandmas- let me explain why:

Grandma Toni | maternal great grandma – my grandma: My Mexican, from New Mexico grandma is the typical shove-food-down-your-throat and pack you a to-go bag of groceries even if you only visit for 3 minutes. There’s always some extra “meat in the freezer” and “too many fruit snacks from Costco” that she must share. Mexican grandma Toni still creates meals for 9 even though it’s just her and my gramps, “just in case” someone stops by after work. She’s bred equipped to feed an army with delicious meals in her aged pans, can talk your ears off about cousins that you don’t know from “back home” while she’s packing your to-go bags (plural).

Grandma Barbara | paternal grandma: This proudly redheaded grandma is the my-grandson-has-been-born-and- so- I-must- retire-to-watch-him during- the-day grandma. She basically created a custom baby room and with a quickness bought car seats, a high chair, and more. She toted my son around town for lunch with the ladies, play dates, ice cream and everything in between. She called her home Shady Acres Day Care and said it with so much pride you’d have bet money the job came with a gorgeous uniform and large paycheck.

Grandma Sandy | my husband’s mom: This grandma is the most accepting and open-minded person EVER. She totally understands kids (you should meet my husband that she raised!). She works with elementary aged special needs kids and my son and her can talk at length about their school days, books they read, AR books and points, the classroom sagas and more. She constantly raves that Logan is presently the favorite adult conversation in her life. Her candy bucket is always full with his favorites and he (ok, WE) know right where to find it!

Great Grandma Josie | paternal great grandma: This classy Italian and upstate New York native tells me every single time I see her how “precious” her great grandson is, and hearing this never gets old! (She also reminds me that she’s the reason I met my “sweet, best of the best, pretty eyed” husband … because she prayed so often for me to meet a wonderful man) The time the three of us went over to have her authentic, homemade manicotti is still stored in hubbies brain as a most loved meal memory! Her house is filled with fine china and warm decor – the perfect visual of who she is.

Great Grandma Gloria | my husband’s grandma: “Glo” is a hoot! She is a sassy Italian who worships her great grandson. She knows all the things that make him laugh and she’s sure to show it in well picked fanny-bank gifts and cards stuffed with money (his favorite). Glo is willing to cross the 87 year old line with humor that matches the generation she’s speaking to. I’ve always loved her willingness to keep a youthful mind! And the fact that she reads romance novels and Star magazine. 🙂

GRAM O RAMA was the only appropriate name I could think of to capture the caliber of grandmas involved in our annual celebration. In honor of them, I set out to create a real eye feast! I pull out the china, set the table appropriate for the season and am sure to have a menu that meets great-grandma criteria for diverticulitis and dentures,  and grandma advice to team simple “you work all week, don’t kill yourself” and delicious.

It’s an honor for me to get all these women together and thank them for the role they play in our son’s life. I’m amazed at the way they genuinely love each others company, and have so much in common. It’s a real treat for me to know that they are gathered in celebration of our son and a shared, proud title – Grandma.

His grandpas are pretty cool too.


2 comments on “GRAM O RAMA: a celebration of blended grandmas

  1. sarah@antidote_studio
    March 12, 2012

    It takes a village…sounds like you have got yourself a dedicated & supportive one! You’re right, I think they’d love a placemat gift bag, heehee! 😉

  2. fruitaliniyogi
    June 9, 2012

    That is truly awesome. I definitely see pieces in your Gram Squad in the Grams I know as well. Love it! I wish I could do something similar, maybe someday. 🙂

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