Favorite product discontinued – with a happy ending!

On my last visit to the MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) store I learned my most loved product – the MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing- had been discontinued, with the exception of some very un-beige special edition colors. I felt like I had just been drop kicked flat on my rump! My beloved Beige-ing is described as a beige-toned champagne (frost), and if you don’t know,  the Shadestick is a smooth, silky, rich and creamy eye shadow in a stick-style format. The color is rich – well as rich as beige can get – with a nice, subtle shimmer finish. I literally used this stick every single day in one spot – under my lower eyelashes.  I loved the way it made my eyes pop, but looked super natural.

Totally bummed, I spent the next few days poking around on-line to find a product replacement for my most loved staple. I went to Ulta to physically check-out the potentials I’d investigated all over the web.  I explained my tall order the sales person, “It needs to be waterproof, must have a brightening effect and not feel like a substitute in any way!” After a few um, no thanks responses from me, she led me to the Urban Decay liners. I was well versed with their shadows (a lot of them have glitter which is a BIG no thanks) and left me to experiment (on my hand). I was drawn to the 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils right away. I drew lines on my hand with more than a few shades and liked what I saw. But when I took a tissue to wipe my hand and nothing budged, I knew I’d found my replacement product and color: SIN

When I walked out, I had a purchased a kit that had 5 colors, including SIN, my new cosmetic best friend.

I’ve been having a blast with Sin’s four sidekicks as regular, top-lid liner and crease colors (Delinquent, Rehab, Juju and Clash). Today I wore the color Delinquent on the top lid, and of course, SIN on the bottom. Check out some pictures below! What product can’t you live without??

One comment on “Favorite product discontinued – with a happy ending!

  1. Purely.. Kay
    February 23, 2012

    I heard of a company that reproduces your favorite cosmetics that have been discontinued. Maybe you should Google it so you can still have your favorite product 😉

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