Pedi time – is it worth it?

My too muted pedi.

My girlfriend Faith and I put 2/19 on the calendar for pedicures to get her ready for her trip to Mexico – her first trip away with her hubby, sans kids! I had been looking forward to seeing her and getting pampered. I usually only get pedis about twice a year and I maintain my own feet the rest of the time. The lead up to my appointment fills me with such excitement that I often question if I’m semi-torturing myself by being so frugal with life’s little “extras”.

We grabbed coffees and went into the salon knowing we’d do the upgraded pedicure w/ paraffin wax and salt scrub treatment. As soon as I sat down, the lady said, “You want eyebrows done?“. It was completely reminiscent of Anjelah Johnson’s nail salon on Comedy Time that kills me every time I watch it. If you haven’t watched this oldie but goodie, you must!

What I hate about choosing a color (besides the fact you have to choose!) is that you can’t tell how the color in the bottle will translate on your toes. Muted and sheer colors are my go to shades for when I’m painting my own toes because the screw ups don’t stand out as much when I’m impatient or in a hurry. When I’m in the house of the pros, I want something vibrant!

Usually I ask to see the color on one toe before committing all my toes. In today’s case, Faith and I were side by side in the chairs talking our faces off and when I looked down one whole foot was already painted!

Dang it! The color wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the bright, going to Mexico celebratory color that I had in mind. I sat there a bit annoyed while she was finishing but didn’t want to ask her for a re-do. There was a crazy waiting lobby and we’d already been in the shop for an hour. (Meanwhile, Mrs. Mexico’s toes are looking awesome in this OPI red/pink color that was perfectly screaming VACATION.)

I had a blast with my girl, but I walked out of there thinking I am happy my default is DIY. Next time I need to paint my toes I’ll be armed with patience and the vibrant color I crave! Below are pictures of :

1) today’s muted pedi; 2) a little patience character my mom bought me when I was a mini-me (I still need the reminder after all these years); 3) my own vibrant selection of polishes!

Happy 3-day weekend to all of you lucky ones like myself!

2 comments on “Pedi time – is it worth it?

  1. aquariumstarter
    June 18, 2012

    I like the nail polish organisation, good selection! A girl can never have too many…

    • suburban eye feast
      June 18, 2012

      I have recently mixed up the organization again…. I love evolution! 🙂

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