Love me some lazy Susan.

When I was a kid I would have never guessed I’d write something with a subject line such as this. In the center of our big family’s small table was an ivory colored lazy Susan (LS). LS was tore up! The surface had crumbs, sugar and salt spillage, napkins – it was like an ugly giant junk drawer in the middle of a dinner table. I knew I’d never have one!

A few years ago – LS long forgotten – I went to a birthday celebration at a Chinese restaurant and right in the middle was an attached, humongous, wooden LS! In this environment (lots of guest, large table, shared food), I understood the purpose of a spinning table middle. The meal was a shared dish concept, and LS made perfect sense! She wasn’t housing junk … she was holding our food! I contributed LS to keeping the flow of the meal and allowing us to have uninterrupted, great conversation without even speaking a “could ya pass the kung pao chicken?” The LS table center swiveled silently for the entire meal.

It was this Chinese meal memory that I recalled when I was thinking about a concept of cabinet organization that would provide some functional storage options. Baskets were taking up too much room and I couldn’t really see what I had in them without pulling the entire basket out, and of course, knocking everything over. I had some cute bowls and other types of containers, but they looked junky even after I straightened them.

After some thinking and a free weekend – off to Target I went. Row after row of great bauble holders, trays and sorters, but nothing popped out at me. That is until I saw my old childhood friend, LS, totally made over! There she smiled on the shelf with all her updated glory. She was charcoal. She was white. She was durable plastic. She was even *gasp* double decker!

My cabinets are much happier with LS in ’em. In the kitchen she’s become my spice holding warrior. In my closet, she’s my hurry up and get out of the house last minute perfume/lotion/deodorant caddy. In the bathroom she pulls double-duty as an under-the-counter-multi-tasker.

LS is the perfect personal assistant – she ensures order, consistency and is always open to new ideas! In the thankless land we live in I wanted to say thank you to my LS! See pictures of my beautiful assistant below. Click on one for a larger sized slideshow!


2 comments on “Love me some lazy Susan.

  1. aquariumstarter
    June 18, 2012

    I want some LS in my house now!

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