My cosmetics – tamed.

I’m inspired to re-organize when the current system isn’t working anymore – not for the love! Searching for specific anything in my stash was becoming a real time sucker. There were a few times I purchased a certain cosmetic item thinking I was out, but it was just deep in the belly of my drawer. I kick myself for stuff like that. I work about 40 minutes from home and leave the house quite early each day. For this reason, my daily system needed to be put in check! The categories I needed to define were:
  • How can I better utilize my area/storage?
  • What do I use daily?
  • What do I like to mix-up often?
  • What can I throw away?

To manage accomplishing my goal, I broke the madness down like this:

MY AREA/STORAGE: I get ready in the spare bathroom upstairs. I really took a look at my existing area and decided to clear my medicine cabinet. (Medicine was routed to a sparingly used bathroom drawer – and I love it! Why did it take so long for me to think of this?) I also emptied a drawer that was a mix of toothpaste, makeup, hair brushes and bobby pins and got rid of the existing “organizer” container that was in there (and not working out so well!).

DAILY: I had to figure out a process that was more efficient so I could think as little as possible in the morning. I decided to commission my bright “travel” folding pouch and hung it on my medicine cabinet mirror using the hook already attached to the pouch. I identified my daily go-to products and filled  the pouch with concealers, mascaras, moisturizers, brushes and various other most-loved products.

MIX-UP: I am routine with certain things in my morning, but I rotate my eye shadows, pencil liners and blushes all the time, based on occasion, mood or outfit. I needed easy access to the rotators, and good visibility so that I could locate items with ease. I re-purposed some cool containers from around the house around the house (one was an old candle jar, another a funky pink cup I’d bought at a book store but never used). I decided to buy a box for shadows that would fit in my drawer, and the long, thin shape would utilize my space well.

THROW AWAY: I stick to the old use it or lose it mentality with makeup. I’m good at chucking or donating to a friend/sister on a regular basis. However, when your drawers are not proper, it’s easy to miss the stragglers!

The medicine cabinet is now used to stack blushes, house brushes, eye liner pencils and other important miscellaneous items. The medicine cabinet made the biggest difference in my system. I’d never really thought about the fact I was giving up prime time real estate for things I rarely used (cough syrup, thermometer), or things I could put elsewhere (Aleve, hair gel).

I love having my cosmetics displayed for me in a committed location that is easy for me to maintain. Check out my pictures below!

3 comments on “My cosmetics – tamed.

  1. cloudoflace
    February 19, 2012

    Good job! 😀
    I need to do a similar job for both of my closet & make-up drawer! :s

    • suburbaneyefeast
      February 19, 2012

      Thanks for visiting and for your feedback! My closet is up next …. I feel your pain! LOL
      Cheers to our blogging future!

  2. sarah@antidote_studio
    February 20, 2012

    Oh, to even have so much make-up to tame! 😉

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